Trina Paul


About Trina

Trina started Pout Studio in 2015, to create a self-care beauty destination that wasn’t a department store.
She wanted a space that was intimate and relaxing for clients, instead of them trying to find a makeup artist at a retail store and wondering if they were getting actual advice or if it is all a sales pitch wrapped up in a makeup appointment. Trina envisioned a pampering expertly applied makeup experience without an obligation at the end of their appointment to buy products. And, Pout Studio was born!

Trina holds all professional degrees and certifications from the leaders in lash extensions, esthetics and permanent makeup.
She is constantly updating her degrees, techniques, education and training because she loves learning and sharing the latest services with clients. 

Experience has shown Trina that women want their own trusted stylist to listen to their needs and to be honest.  They did not want pressure of someone trying to sell them products.  They want trusted independent guidance and advice in what can be an overwhelming cosmetics and skin care world.

Her passion to help women look and feel beautiful, customer service, attention to detail and going above and beyond is what sets her apart for the past 30 years in the beauty industry.  

Trina says “If you leave feeling like you have made a new best friend, you love how you look, and can’t wait to come back, then I’ve done my job”.